Joined Ritu kumar in March 2017 as Digital Marketing Manager taking care of all the digital branding and promotion, managing the content on the website .

Job responsibilities

  • Work with online marketing tread, competitor analysis, user interface and required functionality for audience, searching trends, website visualization, analytics MIS report generation, user tracking, goal and funnel creation, analytics custom report generation.
  • Strategize online marketing campaigns for branding and performance both for all three brands Label, Ritu Kumar & RI Ritu Kumar, distribution content on various channels to enhance the brand recall. Managing all the marketing channels which includes Facebook, Google, Bing/yahoo, Email, affiliates.
  • Managing the complete email marketing channel for online & offline. Making sure the mail box deliveries & analysis, learning, improvement, suggestions.
  • Analyzing web content, image, code, functionality and visualization. Watch crawling statics, html error, and crawling error. Work with internal link structure regarding SEO as well as user visibility.
  • Competition Analysis in terms of brand presence, market share and online strategy.
  • Online Reputation Management.
  • Managing the complete marketing budget for all the digital spends in branding & performance.
  • Co-ordinate will all the agencies for quality & quantitative work.
  • Create and Manage the reporting decks to measure the performance of all channels


  • Was able to double the revenue with in 2 months.
  • The ROI from paid campaigns was increase from -50% to 200%.
  • The cost per new acquisition was improved from INR 8000 to 2500.
  • The overall Subscriber base was doubled within 8 months.
  • The biggest campaign of the year launch of “Festive Winter ’17” was executed inhouse and was huge success.
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