Small World Digital Service

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[push h=”20″]Joined Small World Digital Service as Marketing Manager in Oct 2014 as the First employee of the company. Built the Marketing strategy for leading startups like,, & Also worked for established brands like,,,, and many more. Currently working on establishing online presence for & and driving revenues.[push h=”20″]


Job responsibilities

  • Support decision management through digital analytics and business intelligence.
  • Understand audience clusters for clients, segment them by relevant attributes, and define an outreach program for each segment, with clear outcome goals
  • Create and execute various market research activities focused on both qualitative as well as quantitative aspects
  • Formulate the digital marketing strategy, architect agile tools and processes, design solutions and scalable proof of concepts for all paid marketing channels including facebook, adwords, email, native & affiliates.
  • Monitor and evaluate marketing results through performance dashboards and different reports to analyzing campaign performance in order to provide actionable recommendations and deliver continuous improvement.
  • Create engagement programs for existing customers and users.
  • Collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners, manage sponsorships
  • Work with cross functional teams (sales, support and product development) to define product pitch, differentiators etc.
  • Responsible for Hiring and Management of Team and Marketing Processes  [push h=”20″]



  • Out of the 4 start ups in which were leading the marketing 3 got funded namely,,
  • Were able to double the revenue of fabence & ogaan, and for Manyavar, GoodEarth & joybynature in just 3 months.
  • In GoodEarth sale we were able to generate the revenue of 1.75 crores in just 7 day.
  • Developed an amazing reporting format, which brought the whole company performance in one file and helped each department to improve. And we even sold that format to many other clients.