These campaigns are very important for every brand as it changes the complete perception of the people regarding a brand and increase the awareness at a much larger level than an average sales campaign. Many smaller businesses don’t even think of creating a Branding Campaign as the result from these campaigns comes gradually in 1-3 months depending on the distribution of the campaign. We need to understand that “Products are just commodities, what actually matters are how people perceive your brand”.

Our services in this section will include:

    1. Ideation of the campaigns, concepts and brain storming on what we actually want the brand stand for.
    2. Managing the distribution of the campaign across different channels.
    3. Targeting the relevant audience based on your inputs.
    4. Ensure the maximum reach and impressions.

The things which is not included are:

    1. Content creation, the videos, images, copies & verses.
    2. Any website work involved.
    3. The cost involved in the distribution.


The charge will depend on the how big the campaign is and what is the duration of the campaign. But approx. it will start from INR 25000 and will up to INR 75000 per campaign.

Why Manikant Singh?

    1. One of the core reason is off Corse the experience I have in the digital marketing which is more than 8 years.
    2. The results I have created for the brands like Ritu Kumar, SSS etc.
    3. I understand this digital world better and can also support in other parts of the business if required.
    4. The pricing that I am offering for the service.


You can get in touch with me regarding the branding campaigns at any of the below contact points.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9990086932

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