This service is about achieving a definite goal in a business and creating procedures & structures around them and measure the success over a period of time. Currently I am coaching retail & e-commerce business in below areas:

    1. Making your customer loyal.
    2. Creating a strong brand recall.
    3. Exponential increasing sales.
    4. Increasing profit margins.
    5. Low iteration rate.
    6. Effective Marketing.
    7. Team motivation.

Our services in this section will include:

    1. Creating procedures for that part of the business.
    2. Creating structured to identify errors, leading to failures.
    3. Creating layouts for engagements.
    4. Team management and training.
    5. Analysis of reports and creating actionable.

The things which is not included are:

    1. Creation of business report.
    2. Creation of content for marketing.
    3. Costs involved in buying external services & products.


This completely depends on the how big the company the is and what all they are looking to improve, it also depends on how long they are availing the services. Roughly I charge INR 5000 per sessions and will go up to INR 18000 per month which includes 4 sessions.

Why Manikant Singh?

    1. One of the core reason is the 11 years of experience in the online business across the domains of customer support, fulfillment, operation, data analytics, digital marketing and team Management.
    2. I understand this digital world better and can also support in other parts of the business if required.
    3. The pricing that I am offering for the service.


You can get in touch with me regarding the service at any of the below contact points.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9990086932

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