Joined Cashkaro as email marketing manager in November 2014. Set up the completed email marketing, which included automatic emails based on user behavior and interaction with the website, Promotional emails, referral email, one to one emails, invitation email and many other.

Job responsibilities

    1. Manage email marketing campaigns end-to-end, including planning, targeting, set-up, testing, execution, reporting and optimization.
    2. Create email reporting dashboards and custom reports analyzing campaign performance in order to provide actionable recommendations and deliver continuous improvements to our email program.
    3. Champion continuous advancement of our email features and capabilities including targeting, personalization, template development in collaboration with multiple stakeholders: development teams, designers, business teams and more.
    4. Stay current with best practices, strategies, and industry standards related to email.


    1. With two months we were able to contribute 20% to the complete website traffic and within next 3 months it was at 30%.
    2. Not only the traffic we were also contributing around 25% to the revenue.
    3. The email marketing was fully cracked we were able to target 80% of the website users and 70% of the database.
    4. We were able to convert 75% of the subscribers and were able to maintain the same for around an year.
    5. We even tried 3rd party emails, we achieved amazing results, the conversion rate was 3%, which is normally 1 to 1.5% in the industry.


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