Joined Done by none when even the name was not decided and everything was in experimental phase as a customer service lead. Built the complete customer service processes and also helped in setting the back end & erp system. Before leaving I was taking care of email marketing and data analysis.

Roles & Responsibilities

Designation: Email Marketing Specialist
Period: Nov-2012 till Oct-2013
Job Profile:
a) Managing the complete email channel.
b) Creating email campaigns, optimizing the data to get maximum output.
c) Email opens, clicks and spam optimization.

Reaching the open rate of 12% on an average, to the max of 30%,Click rate of 4% on an average, to max of 10% for a mailer. Monthly unique opens touching the best of 37% of the complete data base


Designation: Data Analyst
Period: Apr-2012 to Oct-2013
Job Profile:
a) Creating the weekly and monthly report.
b) Analyzing the sale, product performance, complain and customer acquisition pattern.
c) Product & Service analysis
d) Ensure SLA Compliance
e) Generating and working on the CLV


Designation: CRM Lead
Period: Jul-2011 to Mar-201

Job Profile:

  1. Handling the complete CRM team (Calling, Chat & Email)
  2. Creating the daily, weekly and monthly CRM Reports
  3. Product & Service analysis
  4. Ensure SLA Compliance in respect to return, refunds, deliveries and pick-ups
  5. Finding the fulfillment gaps and getting them resolved.
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