Whenever we talk about e-commerce the first thing that comes in mind is a website, in this blog we will be talking about the steps that one should take in order to increase the conversion on the website and particularly those pages with which every users interact, here are the list of pages with which the users interact the most and most crucial in journey.

  1. Homepage
  2. Collection Page
  3. Product listing page
  4. Product page
  5. Cart page
  6. Checkout page

The homepage is the most important page of website as it define the brand and set an expectation in the users mind that what can expect from the website, for example a mobile brand website would like to show its latest model and it USP, but a mobile re-seller’s website would should show the latest phone in his stock and offer that he has on the same. In terms of the content, here are the things that I think must be included on the homepage.

  • Content related to the latest collection/offer.
  • What’s new on the website, like new products.
  • Social proof play an important role in new customer acquisition, it builds trust and empowers them in making the decision.
  • Brand USPs like xx number of products, Since 1959, Awards.
  • Benefits for the customers like free shipping, payment modes, easy exchange.
  • Apart from this some content in about 100 words just above the footer ads a lot to the SEO.

When we are done with this, there are some technical things as well that needs to be taken care of, like

  • Load time of the page, this tells you that how fast your page is loaded on the user’s desktop or mobile device. the ideal page load time for a homepage is 02 Seconds, but anything below 7 is okay.
  • Google speed score, this tells you that how good your code is. Score of 80 is considered as good score but anything above 70 is okay.
  • Mobile friendly , this has now become one of the most important thing in a website, an ideal thing is to have a separate mobile website, but a responsive also solves the purpose.
  • Page size, this simply means the weight of the page, this is always depend on how the content is getting fetched, the page size would be 1 MB but anything below 2 MB works okay.
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