Build the overall marketing & brand strategy for the brand and get the same executed by the team. The strategy involved strategy for facebook & google advertising, affiliate marketing, social media, influencers, email marketing, customer retention & website conversion strategy. Apart from this my role included the team management and maintain the top line of the business.


    1. The sale was increase from 4 lacs a month to 25 lacs in three months.
    2. The email marketing & SMS marketing, which failed in the past started contributing 10-15% to the business.
    3. The repeat orders which got stuck at 100 from last 6 months jumped to 300 in the third month and currently it is at an average of 250-350.
    4. The RTO was improved from 15% to 7% within three months.

How I did it?

It involved optimization of various online & offline marketing channels, involving new partners in business, creating accountability & ownership in the team and building the ground for growth. Here are some strategies & actions involved in various channels.

Facebook ads

  • The Marketing was dividing into three parts, customer acquisition, customer retention & remarketing.
  • Customer acquisition involved introducing the brand to new people with communication around brand promise & USPs
  • In Customer retention, we were getting back to all the customers who have not purchased from us in last 30 days and targeting them with various communication regarding improved services, new products and later with offers & discounts.
  • The remarketing had a crucial role as this was done dynamically based on 3-5 funnels.

Google ads

  • Here the marketing was divided into 4 parts, people searching for categories, people searching for designers, people searching for brand and retargeting.
  • We tapped the people searching for categories by search ads and by display ads as well, with display ads we were able to tap the audience searching for category but never interacted with us and we were able grab the people at much lower cost than search.
  • We also focused on branding ads and in particular geography bombarded the user like anything.

Email Marketing

  • The spam was a major issue in this channel, nearly 70% of the emails were going into spam. So we set up a new account via Kenscio email marketing platform and within a month.
  • The Quality of promotional email was also not up to the mark. It had 95% of text. The process was created to make sure image to text ration is always less than 60%.
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