The organic presence and ranking of a website is one of the most crucial part of a business and it largely depends on the content present on the website, the way it is placed on the website, and Is the content validated by others?

Our services in this section will include:

    1. Where all content need to be placed on the website?
    2. What should be format of the same?
    3. What actually it should cover, keywords & related topics?
    4. And creating backlinks.

The things which is not included are:

    1. Content creation
    2. Tech developments & changes

Who all should get this service?

    1. Brands & People in Service industry like photography, interior designers, doctors, lawyers, event organizers, etc
    2. Brands who directly selling to consumers like e-commerce website.
    3. Brands who are looking to expand by connecting to businesses.
    4. Restaurants offering home delivery service.


The charge will depend on the website as there are various permutations & combinations involved in the same. But approx. it will start from INR 7000 and will up to INR 25000 per month for a single website.

Why Manikant Singh?

    1. One of the core reason is off Corse the experience I have in the digital marketing which is more than 8 years.
    2. The results I have created for the brands like Ritu Kumar, Ogaan, Cashkaro etc.
    3. I understand this digital world better and can also support in other parts of the business if required.
    4. The pricing that I am offering for the service.


You can get in touch with me regarding the SEO service at any of the below contact points.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9990086932

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