Manage the performance of the all the paid & non paid channels and ensure the growth in revenue. Manage the existing facebook advertising and start the other marketing channels like google ads, email marketing and others. Create a monthly growth in revenue and ensure the top line is on the progressive rate.

Job Responsibilities

    1. Developing Marketing plan and working as per marketing calendar keeping in mind allotted marketing budget.
    2. Creating trend based internal and external communication for employees/prospects.
    3. Managing event participation to grow network, improve brand awareness and promote sales (conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc)
    4. Managing marketing campaigns right from ideation to deliveries
    5. Assisting sales in conducting sales events
    6. Maintaining MIS of generated leads
    7. Inter-departmental synergies


    1. The topline was maintained at a monthly growth of 8-15%.
    2. Within 3 months all the marketing channels were started and in next 3 months all of them started performing.
    3. The repeat rate was increase from 0.8% to 3.5% in 6 months.
    4. The bottom line was increased by 50% in 12 months.

How I did it?

The major game changer was the activation of all the marketing channels and taking decisions based on reports and numbers. The team expansion was also a major factor in the growth.

Facebook ads

  • Facebook ads was the major and the strongest marketing channel and was driving 70% of the revenue.
  • This was strengthen by using macro level targeting and increasing the ads count by 20-30%.
  • The remarketing was strengthen by using category level targeting & segmentation by age of interaction.

Google ads

  • The foundation was led for google ads and we started with brand search ads followed by category search ads and remarketing ads.
  • The major jump came after display ads in Metro cities, in which we were getting more a million impressions on daily basis.

Email Marketing

  • The email marketing was started with the abandoned cart emailers and followed by recommendation emailers

Data analytics

  • This played a major role in identifying the gaps in the fulfillment and increasing the bottom line.
  • We prepared a reporting format in which the data was populated dynamically and based on analysis we were taking consistent actions.
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